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Kyle Sin Lynn

A passionate software developer with a knack for innovation and collaboration, I leverage Python, Django and HTMX to craft interactive web experiences, wield cloud magic on Azure and AWS, and thrive in diverse teams. From flawless deployments to top-notch documentation, I excel in exceeding expectations and turning client visions into impactful solutions. Let's code the future together!

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Crafting Software Solutions for Business Growth

Your software development partner for smart, efficient, and future-proof solutions across business, budget, and enterprise needs.


Building scalable and secure software solutions that streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and drive business growth.


Crafting cost-effective software applications that deliver maximum value within budget constraints, ensuring smart investments and long-term sustainability.


Architecting robust and reliable enterprise-grade software for complex needs, enabling seamless collaboration and scaling for growth.

My Work

Helped clients grow their business!

Personal Project

Portfolio Website

Django + Htmx powered ⚡️ Interactive portfolio with pure magic ✨

Personal Project


Credit Card Validator and Generator


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Need help troubleshooting your tech? I'm your guy! Let's chat about your issue and find a fix. Email me at